Premailer Results

We’ve processed, and

  • made all your CSS inline,
  • changed relative links to absolute links,
  • moved any CSS pseudo-classes (like :hover) to the <body>,
  • checked your HTML and CSS for compatibility with e-mail programs, and
  • created a plain-text version of your message
  • using the Nokogiri parser.

Click to View the HTML results

Click to View the plain-text results

Results not what you expected? You can create a bug report on GitHub. Be sure to include the URL that caused the problems.

HTML and CSS warnings

Warnings are generated from several sources, including the Email Standards Project’s guides.

Property Support Unsupported clients
font-size CSS property Safe Eudora
line-height CSS property Poor Notes 6, Eudora
link HTML element Poor GMail, Hotmail, Old Yahoo